I'm done trusting anyone...
I'm probably going to be Deleting my blog if things go the way I hope. It's time I start focusing more on my home, child, school, job, & future family than living my life through here. I love this place so much. I honestly don't want to give it up, but i cant think of another way to show that I am truly committed to what I am doing than letting go of my amazing, kinky, beautiful, perfect, little world here.

Hey y'all, I am a sweet and very SaSsY SOUTHERN GIRL. If I like you I will be the sweetest most friendly person ever. If you piss me off or are RuDe I can be the biggest cunt you have ever met! I live in the AMAZING State of Texas! I am a Little Girl at heart & have some *Daddy issues* but I personally don't see them as issues. I love the DD/LG lifestyle! NSFW!! This BLOG is for 18+ ONLY if you are under the age of 18 PLEASE GET OFF OF MY PAGE! COME BACK WHEN YOU ARE 18.
My blog tends to change with my moods and I consider it my personal Diary. If you have any questions don't be shy just ask... I LOVE GETTING SUBMISSIONS OF COUPLES & YOU PRETTY GIRLS! FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT ANYTIME YOU WISH! :* Thank you for stoppin by my secret little playground! Hope you ENJOY IT! ** Big Hugs** XoXoXo




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